I put a lot of time into building a relationship in and out of session. 

It is your job to show me respect for this time in every facet of our relationship. 


Basic client protocol aka what is expected of you:


-All clients should be well groomed 
-Confirmation of engagement required two (2) hours prior via call   
-After booking there will be a deposit fee paid in advance (see Tribute, Rental Fee, and Deposit below).
Always be sure to do an enema prior to the session if we are to engage in such activity  






It is necessary for my security to verify everyone with whom I may meet.  My screening method is discreet and your privacy is very serious to me.  Any information given to me will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.


I require a minimum of two (2) references that are currently active in the scene.


When providing me their information, I ask for their name and email address.

Also, provide a link to their website, that is appreciated. 

But, if you only provide me a link to their website, this will NOT do 

I should never have to lift a pretty little finger to find their contact information.  


Show your worth by making my job easier.


A non-refundable deposit of $80 per hour booked is required to reserve an appointment.

This fee covers rental fees and is separate from my tribute. For longer engagements, deposit terms will be negotiated on a specific basis.

If for any reason you need to cancel more than 48 hours in advance, no problem!  

Your deposit will transfer as the rental fee for our next session but will not be refunded.


Required deposits may be sent to the email I will provide you either by Amazon Gift Card, or Venmo 

 Do NOT, under any circumstances, send me a deposit before we confirm our meeting and I ask for your deposit.


If you do not feel comfortable paying my tribute electronically please buy a PayPal gift card in a retail store for the requested amount and email me the claim code (combination of letters and numbers under the scratch off) and/or email me a photo of the gift card.  You must type out the code when you send me your deposit email.


If I have not seen you before a completed contact form is required.


Full tribute is expected at beginning of session to be left where I can see it first thing- I should never have to inquire about this exchange.  If you feel you must put my tribute in an envelope, do not lick the envelope or write on the envelope!







If you have never had a session with a dominatrix, where you would enter 'Have you seen a Dominatrix ?' on my contact form please provide me the following if you are able: a link to a public LinkedIn profile and a link to a professional business website where your name and contact information are shown.  If you do not have either, please write me a nice, courteous message explaining that you do not have either but offer other ways that you can prove your identity and make me feel secure that you’re not a jerk, pig, or serial killer.

Once your contact form is obtained and if it looks like you are an intelligent, sensible human being, I will write back and request that one of the followings also be provided to me: A photo of your driver's license with personal information covered or blurred out, or a work ID with your picture, a photo of your business card.



I offer outcall sessions in the New York City with a minimum of two (2) hours booked and a travel fee beginning at $100 round trip depending on your location.  Depending on the session length, I sometimes require a deposit at my discretion of up to half of the full tribute amount.

Double Session 

Double sessions are available upon request. Here are a few ladies I have great chemistry within the session, you may contact either one of us to arrange the session.


Lady Toro  (NYC)

Goddess Hera Chevalier (NYC)

Mistress  Pomf (NYC)



Mistress Eden  (NYC)

Mistress Betty Pickle (Miami, FL)

Mistress Katrina Supreme (Austin, TX)

























Hard Limits


  • Illegal activities. Enough said on this one.

  • Bare bottom worship this is never an option. Despite how glorious My ass maybe and how badly you want to nuzzle yourself deep in it, the fact of the matter is that I do not want any part of you making direct contact with my nether regions. After all, isn’t part of all the fun showing you what you can’t have?

  • Switch or Submissive scenarios – self-explanatory. I am what I am, and I am very confident that you cannot do anything to sway me otherwise.

  • Animals of any kind. I do not do any type of animal crushing whatsoever, nor will I engage in any sort of play with animals.

  • Cumming on Me. I can’t believe I have had to say this, but you may not come on Me under any circumstances, even if it is on My thigh-high boots and you are to lick it off clean.

  • Requests for nudity. While I do love basking in all my nude glory, this is something that I firmly believe is a choice of My own, not at the behest of the sub. All requests for nudity will be ignored.

  • Of course, sex. 



Distance Training


  You may also admire me from afar, thanks to the wonders of our modern generation!


Phone Sex –

Worried about showing your face? Scared by  My pure presence? Call Me whenever My phone sex line is on. No appointment is necessary. I use NiteFlirt, a well-established phone sex line. Calls are entirely anonymous. I may be reached via NiteFlirt’s messaging system, however, be forewarned that I do not check my messages on there nearly as much as I do my emails. Best to just sign up and give Me a ring there. 


Cam Sessions 

Skype Session a minimum of 10 minutes  that comes to 100,

my preferred method of payment is through

(via.  Venmo , IWantClips, PayPal)

Email / Text Message Domination 

 The perfect way to perk up an otherwise boring workday.

I enjoy using this method for task-oriented slaves.


This website contains graphic descriptions and content related requirements compliance statement, all models are consenting adults over 21 with proof on record.to: Bondage & Discipline; Sado-Masochism; Dominance & Submission. Per 18 U.C.S. 2257 record keeping

Legal Adult Verification and Consent: By entering this site, I affirm that I am at least 21 and consent to view adult-oriented material.